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『 讓人着迷的靛藍色為主石的顏色,配搭冰涼的天空藍,深邃富有層次感,充滿神祕的吸引力。』


材質 : 925純銀, 倫敦藍染水晶, 天空藍托帕石, 白托帕石 & 珍珠





- M y s t e r y -

London blue dyed quartz matches with sky blue topaz, gives you a mysterious look.


Material: Silver, London-blue-dyed quartz, Topaz & Pearl


The earrings are designed according to different seasons. Every natural stone are wrapped by 18kgf wire. 

Each natural stone can give human special powers and meanings. With the mix and match of different color and shape of natural stones, it shows different feelings:- 

「 romantic 」, 「lovely 」,「 energetic 」,「 gentle 」,「 fresh 」,「 graceful 」&「 elegant 」.

Simple natural stone earrings can be easily carried in daily life. 


Choose 18k gold plating silver or silver to satisfy your desire.


*The earrings is lovingly wrapped in a beautiful gift box.


※Every natural stone may have a slightly difference in appearance.

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